Cannibalism in genus Triturus

Salamandridae, Bombinatoridae, Bufonidae a.s.o.

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Cannibalism in genus Triturus

Beitragvon markosnakeman » Do Apr 20, 2006 17:26

Hi peopele,

Does anybody have experience in captivity of newts and possibility of cannibalism between Triturus dobrogicus and Triturus (Lisotriton) vulgaris?

Several specimens (2 females and about 4 males) of T.dobrogicus and 2 specimens (male and female) of T.vulgaris have been collected in March 2006 in pond in Novi Sad (Serbia and Montenegro).

They were putted in aquarium (30 l). It was matting season and males were attracting females. Male competition between T.dobrogicus specimens was recorded.

When mating courtships ended and females laid eggs, few days later the biggest female of T.dobrogicus ate male of T.vulgaris (my friend saw that).

Also, I suppose, common newt female has been eaten by a specimens of T.d. (no evidence)

First conclusion was that common newt specimens escaped from aquarium, but my friend said that he has seen the cannibalism (evidence).

Reason why it was done is related with the some kind of competition behavior, I suppose. It needs to be say, that my friend did not feed newts in scheduled order, so they were hungry in some time.

Does anybody have some articles which deal with this problem – cannibalism in European newts?
Does anybody have similar experience?

Thanks a lot,


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